and the winners are .....

Congratulations to the following winners of our presentation competition! *Right click on links and presentations will be shown in a new window.
November Competition1st place: Teresa Rose Osborne (EFB) "A New Method of Snail Shell Size Measurement" *
2nd place: Atef Amriche (ERE) "Precision farming - amazing achievements of technology"*
3rd place: Vern Coffey (EFB) "Controlled Pollination of American Chestnut"

October Competition1st place: Madhuri Dinakar (ERE) "Oxygenation of Constructed Wetlands using Hydrogen Peroxide"
2nd place: Zach Smith (Chemistry) "Paralytic Shellfish Toxin Monitoring in New York State Lakes and the Resulting Implications for Environmental Health"
3rd place: Michael Petroni (ES) "TRIColAB: Matching Facilities for Pollution Prevention"

Big thanks to all competitors who participated in our competition!!